College Mil-sim Airsoft team


Who are the Speed Stingers?

The Speed Stingers are a college milsim airsoft team. This means that we are simulating a military environment through our engagements with our opponents on the field.  Our home Field is Splat-EM, located at Splat Em Airsoft, Loranger, LA 70446, 7.3 miles Northeast of SELU (10 minutes). This is where we will meet and compete on the last Saturday of each month (field admission is $15).

As a student organization, we understand that resources may not be readily available to our enlisted members, and that is why we have no dues here with the Speed Stingers. With this being said, it is each member's personal responsibility to gear up by their own means. This consist of, face-pro, a weapon, bbs, a water source, and transportation, However, It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not limit your personal arsenal to these items (see the Gear Up page for more info). If you aren't certain that you want to make this investment, Splat-EM loans out face-pro, a gun, and unlimited ammo for the day for $25 in addition to your field admission (that's $40 for the day.)

Our Core Values

As a college milsim airsoft team, we believe that holding these values to the highest standard will cultivate an adhesive team that will perform with excellence under the pressure of the game. This is why we keep each other accountable to step up to the call of these standards.


Call your hits


Respect your opponents and each other

Selfless Service

Have your Battle Buddy's back and be confident that he's got yours


Don't back down in the face of fear


Any enlisted member found blatantly violating the value of "Integrity" to the degree such that there is a welt in the place of the hit which they have failed to call, OR a battle buddy calls them out for "not calling a hit" any more than three times they will be put up for consideration of being removed from the team.

Ranking System

The ranking system stands for three purposes and three purposes ONLY. this is to be available should any enlisted member have an issue, and to create battle plans at competitions. The final purpose of leadership is that they are the counsel that considers the verdict of a violator of the standard "Integrity". Should any leadership attempt to order you around outside of the battle plan Immediately report them to higher.

Daniel Ricks

ASG (ASGeneral)

Position Empty

ASC (ASColonel)

Position Empty

ASM (ASMajor)

Gear Up

Everything listed here is recommended equipment to get started, however there are possibly better prices on the web if you do a little digging. Speed Stingers makes NO profit off of these sales.

Stay Informed with Upcoming Events

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Members Still Needed

Join The Team

​​To make this possible we need YOU. We need 10 members for SELU to recognize our team, and with your help we can make this happen.

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